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Calendar of Events

Viewing Events by Grid Format

This Calendar view allows you to examine events within a Calendar Grid Format.  At the top of the screen, the current Category and Subcategory Name(s) will be displayed.  When first navigating to the Grid View screen "All Categories" will be displayed at the top of the screen until you make a category selection.  Notice if "Multiple Categories" is selected this will be displayed on the top of the screen, you can then click on the "View" link to see the current Multiple categories being searched.

Advanced options available for each View screen include:

  • PRINT:  Use this icon to launch a printer-friendly view of the current list that you are viewing.  Once the printer-friendly screen is opened, you will be prompted by your printer setup options on the steps required to print the screen view.
  • DOWNLOAD:  Use this icon to launch a window with selections for downloading all events within your current Calendar view.  Options for downloading include CSV, iCal and XML.  Choose your file type from the available selections and click the SUBMIT button to begin the download process.  You will be prompted to also select if you would like to SAVE or OPEN the downloaded file.
  • SUBSCRIBE:  Use this icon to launch a window with selections for setting up an event subscription based off your current Category/Subcategory selections.  If you choose to SUBSCRIBE at the Category Calendar level, then you will receive email notifications of any new or updated events within the Categories and Subcategories selected for your subscription.  *NOTE:  The more Categories that you subscribe to, the more emails you may receive regarding new and updated events.  You will receive an email as soon as an event is added or updated within your Subscription list.

Use the top navigation areas to:

  • Expand All Grid:  Use this feature located in the upper left hand corner to view all of the events in each grid block.
  • Select a Display Format:  Options include Date/Time View, Category View, Location View, Summary View and Grid View.  Select a value from the drop-down list to automatically navigate to that Calendar View format.*NOTE:  Selection of different display formats may be disabled for the calendar selection options.  If you do not see the drop-down selection box for Display Format, then the feature was disabled for this calendar.  It is also possible for certain display options to have been disabled.
  • Display Month:  Use this drop-down in order to quick select the month that you would like to view.  All twelve months of the year are displayed and once selected, you will be automatically navigated to the month selected for viewing all events for that particular month.
  • Quick Search Icons:  Options include Day, Week, Month, and Year Icons.  Click on any of these graphic icons in order to view the events for the current day, week, month, or year.  You will stay within the View format that you have chosen but the date range of events included in the view will be based off the icon selection for day, week, month or year.

Other Search Options Available in the Top Search Navigation Area

Advanced Search Options Include:

  • Date Range:  Use these date selectors to select a start and end date to refine the events that are displayed in your results area to the right.  You can either choose the date by clicking on the icon located to the right of the field or by manually typing in the date with the format of MM/DD/YYYY.  Example of dates: 04/13/2009, 4/13/2009.
  • Date Range/Time Range:  Use these drop-downs in order to select a range of days and a range of time in order to refine the events that are displayed in your results area to the right.  *NOTE:  Date Range/Time Range searching may be disabled for the calendar search options.  If you do not see the drop-down selection boxes for Date Range and Time Range, then the feature was disabled for this calendar.
  • Location(s) or Address Searching:  One of two location search options may display in this area.  You may see a location drop-down menu in order to select from a predefined list of location options, address search fields (City, State, ZIP Code, County) to enter in a location and find events with the location criteria entered, or no location search options at all if location searching was disabled for this Calendar.
    • Location Drop-Down Option:  If the location drop-down is displayed, then you may select a single location, multiple locations, or all locations in order to view events matching your location selections.
    • Address Searching:  Address fields that will display, if this option was enabled, include City, State, ZIP Code, and County.  Enter in as much criteria as you would like to utilize for narrowing your search to display only those events that meet all of the address criteria entered.
  • Proximity Searching (Miles Willing to Travel):  The exact name of this option may vary but if you would like to search by proximity then you are required to enter a ZIP Code and select from this drop-down the exact radius, from the ZIP Code entered, that you would like to search and view events.
  • Category(s):  Use this drop-down in order to select a single Category of events to view.  You can also select to View All Categories or to "Select Multiple" which will open a pop-up window where you can check those Category(s) and Subcategory(s) of interest to you as part of your search.  If multiple Category(s) and Subcategory(s) have been selected to view, you can use the "View" option located next to the Category title to view all the Category(s) and Subcategory(s) that have been selected.  *NOTE:  Category searching may be disabled for the calendar search options.  If you do not see a category drop-down selection box, then the feature was disabled for this calendar.
  • Keywords:  Use this text area to enter in a list of keywords as comma separated values.  The maximum number of characters that can be entered in this keyword field is 50 characters.  The keyword search field searches off the following event details: event name, event description, all additional event detail fields, image and attachment alternate text, location name, building name, and room name.  *NOTE:  Keyword searching may be disabled for the calendar search options.  If you do not see a keyword search text box, then the feature was disabled for this calendar.

Once you have selected your search criteria and hit the "Submit" link, then the selected search will be initiated and the resulting events that match the selected criteria will display in the Grid View.

Viewing Events in Grid Format

Events are broken down into days of each week in the month.  A select number of events will display per block.  If there are additional events that can be viewed for a particular day, then a text link will be included at the bottom of the particular Calendar block that says "X More" and can be selected in order to refresh the Calendar grid and display all events in that particular Calendar Grid block.  Information included per event within each Calendar Grid block includes:

  • Start Date/Time:  The Start Date and Start Time of each event is displayed.  If an event has an end time, then the end time will be displayed as well.  All Day events will display "All Day" within the Start Time area.
  • Event Name:  Name of the event that was added by the event administrator.  Each event name is displayed as a hyperlink, which if selected will navigate you to the Event Details screen.
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